Roháč obecný, Lucie Hrůzová

Stag Beetle

The largest European beetle. In the Czech Republic, the stag beetle occurs mainly in South and Central Moravia and in the warmest parts of Central, South, and North Bohemia.

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Jasoň dymnivkový, Zuzana Růžičková

Clouded Apollo

Striking and large butterfly. Can be seen in only a few locations in Moravia.

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Modrásek bahenní, Petr Kafka

Blue Butterfly

Part of the White Carpathians and Beskydy Mountains, especially in the Valašsko region, are one of the last places where relatively viable and stable populations of the three blue butterfly species of our project.

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Žluťásek barvoměnný, Alois Pavličko

Danube Clouded Yellow

The rarest species of butterfly of our project.

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